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NANO‘S MISCHIEF is a unique multisensory book for children of early age with visual and multiple disabilities. There is great potential to improve and develop sight especially with children of early age.

The aim is to help the child to understand the illustration which is very hard with regular books.


The set contains a book, several real objects, LEA SYMBOLS®, guideline for parents, Braille sheets, memory game and covering sheet.



Nano is a linen toy filled with buckwheat hulls. It makes a rustling sound when touched. It stimulates the child's vision and also hearing and touch.

Thanks to its filling it can be also warmed up.  Nano serves both as a guide and a motivational tool.


Page description

The book contains relief pictures and haptic paths.


Tactile picture


Nano, the guide with motivational text.

Black outline and high contrast background color allows images to stand out.

Principle of the set

Real objects can be also used as a basic set for visual stimulation.

The child‘s own experience with 3D objects helps the child understand what is seen in the picture.




The book can be used as is or special construction can put the book into a vertical position.






320 families in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic received a free copy.

We are grateful for all the foundations, private companies and volunteers who have supported us. We hope to make this book available worldwide.

From 2017 is book available in English, Icelandic, Czech and Slovak.




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